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Name: Alison
Location: Burundi
Partner: Harvest for Christ
Ministry Focus: Training in trauma healing and helping develop Burundi missionary sending movement

Since 2009 Alison has been training church leaders in Burundi, East Africa, in trauma healing methods and she also works with an amazing indigenous organisation called Harvest for Christ. Until Summer 2013 she is on a study break at All Nations Christian College in the UK but upon her return to Burundi she hopes to also help with the developing of a Burundian missionary sending movement from within her organisation.

Alison has had a vision for many years to work in East Africa whilst also having a heart for the Muslim world. “I love to work in pioneering situations helping bring God’s healing and care to broken lives.” – Alison.


Name: Victoria
Location: Nigeria
Ministry Focus: Healthcare Development

Victoria is working in northern Nigeria where God has used her to set up Nigeria’s first palliative care team. Her team serves patients both in the hospital and at home.

She currently leads a team of four nurses, although her dream is to have a team of ten. The hospitals new nursing director has asked her to apply for funding for such a team. Her team is building positive relationships with both the Christian and Muslim community. This is a real breakthrough in an area where there is a lot of mistrust between communities.


Names: Tim, Sarah & Noah
Location: Masaka, Uganda
Partner: River of Life Church
Ministry Focus: Tim – Sports Evangelism, Teaching/Training Development and Mentoring. Sarah – Clinical work, Training, Healthcare Development

Tim and Sarah have been living in Masaka, Uganda since 2011. Together they facilitate Synergy Away – a programme that combines sports evangelism with child health checks in rural government schools. Alongside Synergy Away Sarah works on the paediatric ward in a local missions hospital, as well as focusing on developing a new baby unit that will be opening shortly. The rest of Tim’s time is given to combining sports training with mentoring and discipleship to help young people achieve their potential. He also coordinates a lot of the preaching and teaching in River of Life Church, as well as training up ministers.

Tim initially trained as a teacher but then moved to youth work and has had a variety of experience in this capacity, both in the UK and in Uganda. Sarah is a medical doctor, and in the UK practices as a GP. Tim and Sarah are currently in the UK after the birth of their first child Noah but will return to Uganda later this year.


Names: Greg, Sophie & JT
Location: Harare, Zimbabwe
Partner: One Way Ministries International
Ministry Focus: Education

Greg and Sophie have been living in Harare, Zimbabwe since 2012. After a short stay in the UK after the birth of their first child Jack Tapiwa, they have now settled back into Zimbabwe.

Together they work alongside One Way Ministries Int’l to facilitate the set up and running of a Primary School including an Early Years Department. Alongside this, they offer ECD training for adults and offer their school as a pilot for other churches or schools to observe and recreate.

The Primary school currently offers 4 classes with the expansion of one classroom per year until 2020 being anticipated to accommodate children from 3 years to the end of Primary School.

Greg and Sophie are both qualified Primary Teachers and have a variety of experience in this capacity with Sophie being specialised in the Early Years and Greg taking a lead in the Primary.