supporting local churches in global mission




Name: Richard, Bee, Sam & Ari
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Partner: The Well
Ministry Focus: Social Justice, Member care, Discipleship and Training

Since 2006, the Glaziers have been involved in the work of The Well, a ministry reaching out to girls at risk and their families. The Well is working to provide a place for healing, teaching, discipleship, life and vocational skills training and community for the students.

Richard is involved in teaching English and Theology to the students at The Well, as well as coordinating overseas volunteers, and is also helping coordinate a men’s group working with the boyfriends and husbands of the Well students. Bee is involved in mentoring, praying for and counseling the students as well as coordinating the day to day running of the ministry, the live in center, and the children’s centre. They are both involved in mentoring, training and providing member care for the team working at the Well.

Richard and Bee Glazier met over twenty-five years ago while involved in church planting and urban ministry in London. They spent a number of years working in the inner city, being involved in leading a new church plant in Woolwich, as well as working in ministry settings in Islington and Camberwell before moving to Thailand in 2000 to Bee’s hometown. “Our primary passion is to see broken people being restored through experiencing the love of Jesus and entering into His Kingdom, and seeing communities that model the “upside down” life of Jesus being birthed in Thailand and beyond.” – Richard and Bee.


Name: Nick, Elaine & Jack
Location: Baguio City, Philippines
Partner: Christian Academy of Baguio
Ministry Focus: Friendship Evangelism

Nick works as a teacher at Christian Academy of Baguio, an International school. Christian Academy provides a Christian education for the children of pastors and missionaries serving in the Philippines. Elaine volunteers as a recess supervisor and as a teachers assistant and also takes care of their son, Jack Ethan who was born in February 2011. Nick and Elaine are always seeking to be led by The Holy Spirit so they can see their passion to see their friends and neighbours come to the Lord fulfilled.

Nick and Elaine are part of The Well Community Church in London.

South East Asia

Name: Paul, Lucy, Stephen & Lydia
Location: Sparks City, South East Asia
Ministry Focus: Social Justice, Aid and Development

Paul and Lucy have a heart to plant a sustainable and reproducing church family with a bias to serve the poor in Sparks City. They are specifically working into the heroin sub-culture of the population and run a home for “1st stager’s” who detox with them. The live-in programme includes lots of worship & praying through their pasts and then after a year or 2 they can help more regularly in their cafe, which acts as a base for much of what they do in the centre of time.

Their wider church family meets on Friday nights and has spawned off a number of discipleship groups. They regularly work out of the city into some of the more remote areas as well as visiting some of the methadone and other centres in their city.

Lucy’s background is in Psychology and Paul worked in Reinsurance before retraining as a youth-worker in 1989. They married and left for SouthEast Asia in 1991.

Central Asia

Name: S & T
Location: Central Asia
Ministry Focus: Long and Short-term Friendship Building (Primarily amongst the poor) and Micro-Finance Projects

S & T’s goal in the Middle East is to introduce the Muslim majority to Jesus in a culturally appropriate way. They seek to encourage a simple, reproducible, sustainable church model in the home. Believers are 0.05% of the population so there is scope for every kind of approach and church growth model. For those living in the big cities church attendance may be feasible but the 50,000 villages and thousands of small towns have no dedicated building. S & T frequently travel outside the big city and believe that even as conspicuous foreigners there is much that can be achieved.

S & T first left for the Middle East in 1990 with their very young family. Today their two children are settled back in the UK and they visit England regularly but remain based overseas. For 20 years they have been teaching English part-time. This has enabled them to obtain a residence permit, look credible in the eyes of the community, meet thousands of students, and helped with their living costs. “English teaching, meeting the unreached in our neighbourhood, encouraging and discipling isolated individuals and families, helping the broken and the oppressed are all our ‘work’. Outside our host nation – we have close links with a Central Asian country where we supervise micro-finance projects. We also annually visit the ‘East’ to spread the word, encourage, and even enjoy a taste of revival for ourselves.” – S and T.