supporting local churches in global mission




Names: John & Afize
Location: Bulgaria
Ministry Focus: Social Justice, Church Planting, Aid and Development, Literature Translation

J & A have been working as church leaders for the last 10 years and are passionate about planting churches in The Balkans. They have been living there for many years reaching out to the local community through food distribution, medical care and home improvement projects. They are also involved in literature translation, printing and distribution in local towns and villages.


Name: Paul, Irene, John, Christiana & David
Location: Arras, Northern France
Partner: Independent Church Plant
Ministry Focus: Church Planting, Training and Discipleship and Evangelism

The Mears family are involved in leading a church plant with the aid of four local French believers. The church has grown to over 30 people during their time there and Paul and Irene are currently looking at extending their work to a neighbouring village the other side of town. The family spend much of their time evangelising, training and discipling young believers which takes on many forms such as Alpha, treasure hunts, door to door outreach and larger events.

As a family the Mears have been living in France since 1999 initially working with a French Pastor and his wife to establish a new church in Douai and then moving to Arras in 2006 . “Our vision is to train French believers to plant churches.” – Paul and Irene.


Name: Jim, Katie, Amy, Rick, Suzi and Mark
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Partner: YWAM and Evangelical Alliance
Ministry Focus: Church Planting, Training and Discipleship, Evangelism

The Whitears work heavily with Youth with a Mission in Germany. They are on the national leadership team and help run a pioneer YWAM centre. The family also spend time planting organic churches in the city, ministering in the red light districts, preaching and teaching, running training and discipleship courses and reaching out to university students and the youth. Finally, they also give time to Evangelical Alliance as they are on the leadership team for Hamburg.

“We met at Westminster Community Church (our sending church) and had both worked in London for a number of years in personnel management and marketing respectively before giving it all up to follow our calling into missions where we have a life-long call to Germany.” – Jim and Katie


Name: Alison
Location: Bals, Southern Romania
Partner: Spring of Life Church
Ministry Focus: Church Planting, Training and Discipleship and Member Care

Alison is based in Bals, a small town in southern Romania, where she leads a small church-plant. She is involved in a research project for the Missions Commission of the WEA and is a regular contributor to Scripture Union’s “Daily Bread.” She also gives much of her time to developing “member care” system for the first generation of Romanians starting to go to the nations.

Alison’s interest in Romania began when she was in her early teens. She studied Romanian at a university in London, where she became part of City Gates Church. After graduating, spending a year training with Ichthus and City Gates, then completing a TEFL course, she moved to Bucharest in early 2000.

For five years she worked as a teacher, while also serving in a number of local churches. In 2005 she was asked to assist US-based Grace Churches International in setting up a residential ministry training school near Timisoara. She spent just over a year there, and then returned to the UK for a sabbatical year, during which she completed a Masters in Mission Studies at All Nations Christian College and then returned to Romania in 2007.