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Going Global

What is it?

Going Global is a retreat weekend organised by iNet designed to give you time and space to reflect on God’s mission and your response. The focus of our time together is to reflect, worship & pray together, building relationships with people on a similar journey.


Whether you are wanting to explore what cross-cultural mission means in your local context or sense that God might be calling you to serve him in another country, this facilitated time away will help you consider how to take your engagement in God’s mission to a deeper level. Going Global offers you the chance to take time away from the chaos, to be still and listen to God.


Who is it for?

Going Global is aimed at those who are thinking about their part in God’s mission and are asking ‘what next?’ In particular, the event is designed with three main types of people in mind:

  • those who simply want to think more deeply about 'mission' and what it might mean for them in a local setting
  • those who are called to work overseas professionally
  • those who are exploring the possibility of mission service in another place; both short-term and long-term
  • those who have returned home after some form of mission service elsewhere, (whether on a team or mission placement), and want to consider how their experiences can impact their life and mission in their local context
  • those supporting cross-cultural workers living overseas


What happens?

Throughout the weekend, we will spend time sharing stories and experiences together and looking at some biblical principles for mission. Of equal importance is the time that will be spent chatting with other ‘explorers’, in a relaxed and informal environment.


Where is it?

We will be staying at Broadlands Orchard in Rye, Sussex. This is an extended family home used for retreats ands youth work. Bedrooms are twins with some dormitory rooms. Bathrooms are shared with one recently refurbished. There house is set in beautiful woodlands and walks locally or on the coast form part of the weekend.


When is it?

Friday 25th  November – Sunday 27th  November

Starting with dinner together on arrival.

Ending after lunch around 3pm on Sunday.


How much does it cost?

£ 70     Adults

FREE   Children under 4 years old

Children 3-16 years we would appreciate a donation

This is the basic charge for the accommodation and food, however donations to iNet ministry and staff are welcome. Please speak to a member of the Team if cost is an issue, we wouldn’t want you to miss out.


How do I book?

Please email iNet admin at for the form.